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3 treatment technologies that will transform your business

Posted October 1, 2018


With beauty treatments becoming increasingly synonymous with technology, now is the perfect time to start integrating treatment innovations into the traditional salon environment. Doing so will ensure you’re better able to keep up with customer demand for more comprehensive services, faster treatment times and higher strength clinical results.

Skin Analyser

A quality skin scanner serves as a beauty professional’s best friend by making skin condition diagnosis and service recommendations easier and more accurate than ever. A skin analyser alone has the power to improve customer retention results simply by taking the guesswork out of the consultation process. If a client’s treatment plan works, they will be back. If they are left unsatisfied with their treatment outcomes, they will try their luck elsewhere. And with all of our training, knowledge and expertise as a beauty therapist, skin imbalances quite often extend beyond what the naked human eye can see.

This is where an intelligent skin analyser such as the Dermograph, which transdermally examines skin conditions 2mm beneath the skin’s surface, can really up the ante of your skin consults and treatment follow-ups. Another option is a high-tech skin observation platform, such as the Observ system, which offers epidermal and dermal skin analysis enhanced by skin fluorescence technology to intricately highlight and locate skin irregularities.

LED Light Therapy Machine

LED is a highly versatile technology within the salon and clinic environment. Not only can you perform stand-alone skin corrective facials using the restorative power of LED light, LED also functions as a fantastic add-on service or upgrade to a traditional facial for enhanced skin brightening and anti-ageing results. In addition, it works as a soothing, calming and healing therapy following laser or IPL treatments, and can reduce the bruising and swelling associated with cosmetic injections. Best of all, you can get up and running with professional LED services without burning a hole in your wallet. Affordable systems such as the bt-Accent LED, offer the top three light therapy colours (blue, red and purple) combined with simple operator controls that suit both beginners and advanced LED specialists alike.

Hydrodermabrasion Machine

Microdermabrasion Machines remain one of the most popular tech-driven treatments thanks to its psychologically satisfying results that customers can really see and feel. The latest and most advanced form of microdermabrasion is called hydrodermabrasion, which performs swift and easy crystal-free exfoliation via a handpiece fitted with interchangeable abrasive discs. The handpiece also emits nourishing skin corrective fluids to simultaneously hydrate skin as it exfoliates. Skin is left deeply purified and smooth, with enhanced firmness, plumpness and overall radiance.

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