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4 Marketing Strategies for Salons That Don’t Cost the Earth

Posted April 9, 2018

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Marketing your hair or beauty business doesn’t have to blow your budget. While there are definitely times when it’s necessary to spend money to make money, you can balance this out with a variety of low cost marketing strategies that help to further increase your brand’s exposure. Here’s four easy marketing ideas to get you started.


  1. Get on Instagram

In the age of social media, by now you probably have a business Facebook page — but are you on Instagram too? Instagram is free to set up and can act as a fantastic marketing tool for building brand awareness. Post an interesting and colourful feed of treatment images, ‘Before and After’ results and behind-the-scenes shots to give your followers an insight into life at your salon. You can use it as a platform to plug your professional product and treatment recommendations and also as free advertising for your specials and promotions. Be sure to make the most of beauty and lifestyle themed hashtags, as this is your key to gaining new followers who haven’t heard of your business before.


  1. Arrange a flyer drop

Got a local cafe or gym nearby? Print out some flyers and ask the shop manager if you can leave them in a high traffic area (of course you can also return the favour!). Gyms are a great spot to attract new hair and beauty clients, as members are generally image-conscious and interested in the enhanced results they can achieve with your beauty equipment. Include a special introductory offer on your flyer to increase your follow-through booking results. Design your flyers using Canva — a free and easy online design app that makes even the most novice designers look like a pro!


  1. Ask for reviews

Word of mouth is the most powerful (and free) marketing tool you have, so don’t be shy about asking your clients for reviews. You can get the ball rolling by asking your frequent and loyal customers to post a review on your business Facebook page. If you are able, include an incentive, such as a discount on their next treatment or product purchase, as a way of saying thank you to them for taking the time to contribute their thoughts and feedback.


  1. Start a referral program

Putting together a ‘Refer a friend’ program need not be a fussy process. At the counter following your client’s treatment, request their email address as part of your standard checkout process (this is also a great way to build your e-newsletter subscriber database), and inform them that you will be sending them a fun ‘Refer a Friend’ invitation, if they’d like to take part. Now you can send them an official email detailing the terms and conditions of the offer, including an expiry date to urge them into action. The incentive you offer to your referrer, and their friend, is up to you — it could be $25 off their next treatment, a free treatment upgrade, or a free skincare product. Running the referral program via email (instead of printed cards) keeps this marketing strategy cheap and paper-free, so it’s better for the environment — and your budget!


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