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HABA is managed by, and under the direction of, an elected Board of Directors.
The Board must consist of people that currently own or operate businesses in the hair and beauty industry.

As a member of the board, you have a chance to give back to your industry and preserve it for the next generation. Use your experience and passion for hair and beauty to really make a contribution through active involvement with the HABA Board of Directors.

A board member will serve a continuous tenure of 2 years and then have the ability to be re-elected and or nominate for an Executive Board position.

Elections are held every 2 years and as a HABA member you will be notified of upcoming elections via e-mail. We strongly encourage you to consider making a valued contribution to your industry. This is a voluntary position which will allow you to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded and passionate industry professionals.

To be Eligible you:

  • Must be a full financial member or hold life membership with HABA.
  • Own or operate a business that provides service to the hair and beauty industry.
  • Are available to attend board meetings (10 per year), which are held once a month in our Sydney office. Telephone and Skype access for interstate board members is available.
  • Actively promote and represent HABA to the industry and at industry related events.


Our Board of Directors and HABA members are bound by our Constitution; a set of fundamental rules governing the conduct of HABA and establishing our principles and structure.

A copy of the Constitution can be found here


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