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Additional Services HABA Provides to Salon Owners

Posted May 21, 2018

Hair & Beauty Australia supports salon owners by offering individually tailored, in-house industrial relations and human resource advice, guidance and best practice tools. This ensures that salons are compliant and acting in a way that will not leave a salon open to litigation and claims.

But we offer so much more than simply advice.

HABA also offers a number of additional services in order to help you with your individual business needs. Each of these services is designed to protect salon owners in their day to day operations and ensure that they are covered and protected against legal actions.

These services include –

The writing of Policy and Procedure Manuals

HABA can create significant, in-depth documents specifically tailored to your business requirements. These include documents such as Policy and Procedure Manuals, which are designed to help you manage staff in areas such as:

  • work health and safety
  • social media
  • personal appearance and attendance at work
  • harassment and bullying
  • serious misconduct
  • mobile phone usage

and lots more. We have spoken extensively about why having a Policy and Procedures Manual in place is key in any salon, but the specific wording of these documents is equally important from a legal standpoint. These significant documents can help manage and mediate employee issues and disputes while cementing what you as a salon owner expect from your staff members. They are your baseline of protection in a salon environment and it’s important to get them right!


Customised job descriptions and contracts

HABA is able to produce customised job descriptions and contracts for each of your individual employees, adding any specific clauses or extras you require, depending on your business needs. This ensures that in the hiring of new staff members not only are you clear in expectations and requirements, but you are additionally protected in the instance that a new staff member needs to be dismissed or fails their probation. These initial signing documents can be key to your protection and can help prevent legal action from a disgruntled member of staff.


Creating Deed of Release

HABA can create a spec ific legally binding document for an employer and employee to part ways through a mutual agreement. This is a tricky area of the law and must be done correctly if you are to be protected and covered from further action down the line. We ensure that all documentation is created in line with the latest legal requirements as laid out.


Mediation preparation and representation

HABA can help you every step of the way if you or your business are unfortunately taken to the Fair Work Ombudsman. We can help prepare documents and collate evidence for cases such as unfair dismissal, general protections, restraint of trade and discrimination claims to ensure that you are accurately and appropriately represented.  We also offer representation for conciliations and support our members in all mediations.


Review of documents

Have some documents that need reviewing? HABA can do that for you! We can review contracts, job descriptions or even look over payslips for an FWO audit. This ensures that you are always compliant with the latest standards and regulations under the Hair and Beauty Award and that you and your salon remain protected.

While these services have costs that are in addition to your membership, each of the services would be considered one-off incidents in which HABA can provide support and ensure that as a salon owner you are best able to protect and defend your salon. It is this level of support and ability to service our members that sets HABA apart from other organisations. To take up any of these additional services, please contact HABA on (02) 9221 9911 or on


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