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Posted April 3, 2017


One of the biggest benefits of a HABA Membership is access to our team of industrial relations experts, who offer comprehensive and well informed advice about changes to, legalities around and the finer details of the Hair and Beauty Award. Recently, our team have seen a number of concerns because the advice that has been given by different government agencies regarding the Hair and Beauty Award has turned out to be completely incorrect.


Industry bodies like HABA were established to create a central point of contact and an expert in the fine details of the different agreements and awards that exist in Australia. With many changes and strong penalties for not adhering to the award, membership with industry bodies like HABA provide a cheap insurance for salon owners, ensuring that they have the right advice on hand and are updated regularly to stay on top of their obligations.


Recently, HABA member Phil Cordony approached one of the major government agencies about penalty rates for his employees on Saturdays. He was advised by this government agency that the standard Saturday Penalty Rate in Australia is 50% loading.


This is completely incorrect, and could have cost Phil thousands of dollars.


Luckily as a HABA Member, Phil called us and we advised him that the correct penalty rates for Saturdays are 33% loading not 50%. The only response from this government body when the error was raised with them was to say that yes, the advice from HABA was correct, and they were sorry.


A poor excuse for a mistake that could have had major repercussions to a salon owner.


Government agencies, unfortunately, need to be across all the different awards and do not offer the same level of expertise in the fine points of YOUR industry award that HABA does. Sometimes wires get crossed, or details get mismatched or the wrong advice is given. We understand that these mistakes do happen, but when it is your business on the line, or money coming from your back pocket – the advice needs to be right.


If you have ever needed to convince a salon owner of the value that a HABA membership brings, this is the best case study that could be offered. Through his membership, Phil was able to get the correct advice, in a timely manner, that saved him money over the free advice given by a major government body. It’s like the old saying, the best advice is the one you pay for!


HABA offers our members this kind of advice across a range of issues, including industrial relations, wages, apprenticeships and payroll, ensuring that you as a salon owner are always doing the right thing by your staff and by your business. If you aren’t a HABA Member yet, or know someone who should be, we would love you to share this post so that we can help all salon owners in Australia to be the best they can be, with the right advice and a team of experts on their side.

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