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Annual Wage Review 2023-24 Update

Posted May 30, 2024

Each year the FWC reviews and sets the NMW and minimum wages under modern awards during their AWR process. One of the issues the FWC will be considering as part of the AWR 2024 are gender pay gaps.

Gender equality

The FWC is trying to address the issue of the gender pay gap. As part of this, the FWC has undertaken research to identify occupations and industries in which there are gender pay gaps, and occupations and qualifications which have the potential to be undervalued.

Part of the research has looked at occupations that are typically filled by females. The Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2020 is one of 13 modern awards which cover Australia’s most feminised occupations. The table below provides some statistics from the report.

  Hairdressers Beauty Therapists
% of the workforce that is female 83.6% 97.2%
% of part-time work 41.6% 51.6%


It was also found that hairdressers and beauty therapists are not usually paid wages above minimum rates set by the Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2020.

Source: Stage 1 Report – Gender-based occupational segregation

The FWC will considering the information in this report as part of the AWR 2024.

What will the minimum wage increase be?

At the time of writing, it is unknown what decision the FWC will reach in setting the minimum rates of pay. Once the FWC issues their decision, another update will be released.

Will there be an increase to superannuation?

From 1 July 2024, the superannuation guarantee will increase to 11.5%.

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