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Posted February 6, 2017

The team at HABA have been very busy over the past few months, making our website function better for all our members in 2017. We have updated our back end, which means there are some tiny changes to how you use our Members Area that we wanted to keep you updated on. BUT this will result in huge changes for you, our members, and the way that you can best utilise your HABA Membership. Ready? Let’s go.


Each of our members will have to reset their password to log in to the resources section. This was done so that we can maintain absolute security for our members with the upgrade. All you need to do is click the link here >


Our resources section contains all the best information from HABA’s team of Industrial Relations Specialists, including the Hair and Beauty Award Summary,  Template Contracts and much more that you need to protect yourself and your salon from any potential Fair Work claim. When you reset your password, take some time to look around this resources section and see what you might need to implement in salon to get the best out of your HABA membership!



We have implemented a new online ticketing system for enquiries, allowing you to lodge a ticket from the Members Area so one of our team of Industrial Relations Specialists can get in touch via email. This means that if you need help but don’t have time to sit on the phone, you can continue to go about your day and access our reply when it suits you.

You can still always call into the hotline with questions and speak directly with one of our team of Industrial Relations Specialists on (02) 9221 9911.

You can also get in touch via Facebook, our new Members-Only Facebook Group or on Instagram with any enquiries, and one of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.



This is the biggest change for members – both in terms of function and in making things easier for salon owners! You can now pay your HABA Membership monthly, tri-annually, bi-annually or yearly as was previously available to all members. Choose a pay cycle that suits you and your cash flow, no huge lump payment once a year if that is a concern for your salon.

Payments can be made a number of ways, including via Debit Card (Visa or Mastercard), Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express with a 1.5% surcharge) or via direct deposit from your bank account – it’s completely up to you.



So you missed a payment to HABA. We understand, we are all busy. Once a payment has been missed, you will be sent a reminder notice via email, letting you know that your payment is overdue. If after 7 days your payment still has not been made you will be charged at $48.40 late fee. Your first invoice arrives 30 days before the due date of payment, giving you plenty of time to organise payment, and a follow up email is sent 7 days after payment is due – lots of time to get organised! Log in to the new Members Area to make your payment and continue to receive the full benefit of your HABA membership immediately!


With these website upgrades, comes better flexibility for salon owners. Options to manage your membership based on cash flow, the ability to speak to an adviser in your own time and on your own terms and get the best value out of your HABA membership year round.


If you are having any issues with the Members Area of the website, please send us an email on or call us on (02) 9221 9911 and one of our staff will gladly help you with any problem you may be having.



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