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Posted October 22, 2018



The team at HABA understand that apprentices are a bit of a challenge for salon owners. Whether it’s finding the right apprentice, onboarding them correctly or questions about training (and the quality of training!) we have heard it all – and we know it still causes a headache. So, we want to help you out, with some answers to your most common questions about apprentices, thanks to our Alliance Partners at Sarina Russo.


How do I sign up an apprentice?

An ANP (Apprenticeship Network Provider) facilitates the apprenticeship or traineeship registration, contact your ANP (Apprenticeship Network Provider).


When do I sign them up?

Apprentices must be signed up within 28 days of them commencing employment as per the NSW Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001. You can also see the  State Training Services Website for good info on signing up an apprentice.  This means you can give a new staff member a trial of up to 4 weeks then book in their sign up. If they are a good fit, there is a 3 month probation period built into an apprenticeship contract.


My apprentice is under 18, can they still sign up?

Yes, but their parent or guardian will need to sign the contract via email link arranged by your ANP or can attend the sign up appointment if they are able.


Training starts in February 2019, shouldn’t I wait to sign them up until then?

No, sign your apprentice up now! This is in accordance with the Act and also reserves their place for formal training. Places can fill up fast and sometimes your apprentice can miss out on a place at their preferred campus or Training Provider and may need to wait for the July intake. Beat the rush, January and February can be very busy and you may need to wait for an ANP sign up appointment.


Can I train my own apprentice?

An apprenticeship contract must be registered by an ANP, however, most of their learning is done in the salon and this is the most important part of the journey. Being mentored and supported by your qualified hairdressers or beauty Therapists in the salon environment is the difference between a good and a great outcome. Training providers do a wonderful job but cannot replace the hands-on knowledge and experience gained in the workplace and this consists of more than 80% of the apprenticeship. There are even options for ‘Salon’ based training where a trainer will come out to the salon to train, guide and assess the learning every few weeks and your apprentice does not attend classroom training. You and/or your team need to take on some of the responsibility of the training journey but in return, your apprentice is with you 5 days a week.


How do I supervise my apprentice?

You must have a trade qualified supervisor for your apprentice and a suitable workplace, your ANP will assess this at sign up. You can also attend a free supervisor workshop run by State Training Services to ensure you are doing all the right things and increase the likelihood of a great outcome and successful completion for your apprenticeships.



The team from Sarina Russo Assist over 35,000 apprentices/trainees and their employers across Australia every year. They also run the Sarina Russo Institute, a Registered Training Organisation educating over 10,000 Australian and International students each year in vocational education and English language courses.  SRI delivers industry-focused accredited and non-accredited training, mentoring and job placement services that meet the skilling needs of industry. Speak to the team from Sarina Russo today about anything and everything to do with apprenticeships here.



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