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Posted November 4, 2019

We hear a lot about social media marketing and website optimisation and SEO and SEM and all the things we should be doing for our business – but we rarely hear about the thing that should be driving it all, and that is your blog.


Yes, you absolutely need a blog for your hair or beauty salon. It should be hosted within your website, and most website builders these days will include an area where you can update or add posts. A blog post is really just sharing some of your wisdom on the topics on which you are an expert – like cutting hair or laser treatments – with people who are going to be open to it. They should be anywhere from 350-550 words long and structured with headings to make them easy to read. We know how many of you check in to our weekly HABA Blog, so imagine if you had that many current and potential clients visiting your website each week, fortnight or month?


These blogs can be powerful if done well, and here’s why.


  • They add value for your customers. Any blog you’re writing should educate, inspire, inform or add value in some way to your customers experience. This means it should be something they want to read and can encourage your existing customers towards new services or promotional offerings.
  • They drive more business. As mentioned above, a good blog post can help you to encourage your existing clients towards new and exciting treatments or give potential new clients enough information about particular services or promotions to want to work with you. They offer a great opportunity to educate customers and therefor build trust for particular treatments, encouraging them to spend in salon.
  • They help people find you online. Blogs are fantastic for search engine optimisation. They allow google to find more key terms on your website and therefor connect you to people searching for them. Google also loves it when you update the content on your website regularly, and so will reward you for your efforts by putting your site in front of more people. Win win.
  • They drive your other marketing efforts. By writing a blog, you have something to communicate with your customers about, whether that’s via email, social media or in person. Take the first paragraph, or a summary of the post and put it on your social media, then direct people to read the rest of your amazing words on your website/blog.


So, you get it – it’s time to write! Here’s our top 5 tips for a great blog –

  1. Include images. People like to look at pretty things, so make sure to break up your text with great images
  2. Write content you know people are going to want to read. Whether that’s on new treatment options, top tips or ways to save, think about what questions your customers have or your new customers have and address that in a blog.
  3. Keep it short and sweet. 350-550 words is all you need, to make sure you write to the point information that won’t overwhelm customers. A
  4. Keep going! If you’re going to blog, do it regularly. Whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly, make sure you create a schedule and stick to it. Your customers will thank you, and so will google.
  5. Add Value. Remember why you’re doing this – for your customer. So, educate them, inspire them, invigorate them and encourage them. Don’t bore them with detail, instead make them feel excited and good about the services or products they could receive.


We love being able to share great tips on business, marketing and the latest from the hair and beauty industry on our blog, and we hope you get great value out of it. We encourage you to offer that same value for your customers and see the great rewards that come from it. Happy blogging!

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