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Posted July 23, 2018

Here at HABA, we appreciate that the Hair and Beauty Industry can be a bit of a mine field. As small business owners, salons are often being bombarded with false information about the ways in which they run their business, and as members of a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, the rules are being shifted all the time. Unfortunately, there are too many organisations “representing” the hair and beauty industry that use this confusion to take advantage of salon owners.


HABA Members have reported to us that they have been contacted by ‘Hair and Beauty HR Services’ – an organisation claiming to offer support to salon owners in all areas of salon HR. However, a little investigation reveals that this is nothing but “beauty washing” of an existing consulting group who offer very little in the way of specialised information for the Hair and Beauty Industry. A lack of specialised knowledge of the Hair & Beauty Award 2010 and absolutely no representation with the FWO leaves salon owners who work with this group with little support in the instances there are any kinds of litigation or claim. Unlike general consulting groups, specialist organisations like HABA ONLY have to focus on the Hair & Beauty Award, giving our members peace of mind that our in-house team of IR Advisors know the industry and the award inside out and back to front, with extensive knowledge of the finer details, and thus are able to give the correct advice to salon owners.


This is not the first time we have seen this happen. We reported to you recently about the incorrect advice being offered by Employsure, costing salon owners over $20,000. Read that article here.

Many HABA members have been caught out in this issue and have shared their stories with us, and we are incredibly sorry to hear about these instances of unscrupulous activities aimed at struggling salon owners.


Hair and Beauty Australia are the ONLY industry association to be registered with the Fair Work Ombudsman. By having a direct association with the FWO we are provided with the most current information on the specifics of the Hair and Beauty Award, as well as being able to directly work with the FWO with our partners AI Group to ensure that the best interests of Hair and Beauty Salon Owners are represented in all legislative decisions.

HABA are also a registered not-for-profit organisation which means that any money collected by the organisation is re-invested in the industry in a variety of ways, including investments in training, education and support for salon owners across Australia.


HABA offer its members unlimited in-house industrial relations, human resources and employment advice, in partnership with the FWO and AI Group to ensure that all advice given is up to date with the latest changes in the award. We provide salon owners with the peace of mind knowing that they can get CORRECT advice at any time from HABA, and that they have support as we guide salons through best business practice when managing and employing staff and ensure salons are acting in way that will not leave them open to litigation and claims. Do not leave your salon open to legal action – become a HABA Member today.



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