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Posted April 22, 2019

Now is the time to get organised for your Mother’s Day promotion. For salon owners, this is a key period of the year as many children, partners and grandchildren know the way to their Mother’s Heart is through a bit of time to themselves and a chance to treat themselves to a lovely in-salon treatment.

For those salon owners who haven’t planned their promotional offer, we are challenging you do decide what you’re offering this week so that you can get your external and internal processes up and running in time to sell packages before the day. We have spent the past few months breaking down your salon promotions in intricate detail, so make sure you cover these key areas


Your Offer


Target Market


Team engagement

Terms and Conditions



We thought we would share with you some specific ideas for a Mother’s Day promotion that is sure to incite sales and get your team moving!

  • Offer both a product and a service promotion. Whether it’s a retail bundle (as many of the product suppliers have packages out at this time of year) or a service offering, make sure you have a bit of both. Retail offers target those customer’s whose mum is too far away to head into salon while service offerings are a great treat for mum’s who live a bit closer or need something really special.
  • Don’t discount your gift cards but make sure people know they are available for Mother’s Day. Sometimes it’s just about sharing your Gift Cards on social media or via your email newsletter to remind them that they are a great gift option.
  • Look at who you sold your Mother’s Day offer to in 2018 and market your offer for this year to them specifically. They might have been a one-off purchase on your website or someone who isn’t a regular in salon but is a great gift giver. Use this as an opportunity to get them to purchase again with your salon, rather than going to the one down the road.
  • Offer your team a free package for their mum in salon. This can be used as a reward for the best performing team member – a little healthy competition never hurt anyone! Not only does it incentivise your staff, but it encourages them to get their family into the salon (if they aren’t already).
  • Make sure to incorporate some physical marketing! Lots of people forget that Mother’s Day is happening (shame on them) or buy something on impulse – and you want to make sure it’s your offer. A-Frame’s out the front of your salon, flyers on your mirrors, posters in the window – all of these will encourage foot traffic and regular customers to engage with your offer, even if your staff forget to mention it.


If you’ve already enacted all of these ideas for your Mother’s Day offer, then check out our list of ideas from 2018. We are sure there will be something you can use to make this Mother’s Day your biggest and best one yet! HABA would also like to take the opportunity to wish any mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day – thank you for all that you do.


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