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Posted March 4, 2019

Running a salon promotion sounds great in theory, until you get into your salon and look at all the different areas that need to be integrated for it to work. From your online booking system to salon system and training your staff, it’s enough to make you put a promotion into the ‘too hard’ basket. But there are some really simple steps you can take to ensure that your salon promotion is well activated by your team in salon and therefore profitable for your salon.


First things first – start with your front-line team. Your team have to be aware of the promotion, what terms you are offering it under and for how long. We encourage all salon owners to have regular, weekly meetings with their teams to ensure that you are speaking to them and checking in regularly, and a team meeting is a perfect place to discuss any salon promotions. It’s a great idea to write a briefing sheet for your team and have a copy for each team member. On here you should have the offer, how it is structured (discount off, bundle deal etc), what’s included and what is expected of the team, particularly things like specific products to be used or timeframes it must be completed in. this is key to ensuring that your promotion is profitable and that it is taken up at all – if your team aren’t on board, how can your customers be?


It’s important that your team know how to transact any of your promotional offers on the salon system. Whether you show them exactly where the offer is located or show them how to process it manually, make sure everyone knows how to do this step – otherwise, you can’t attribute the right number of visitors to the promotion and therefore can’t work out your return on investment. If you’re operating any online bookings, make sure that these are set up and correctly synced to your salon system to ensure the promotion runs smoothly.


This is key for most promotions. Your team has to be aware of what exactly you want out of them at the end of a client’s appointment, whether that’s a drive to a rebooking or a sale of retail product or whether it’s an upsell during treatment. Sometimes it’s a good idea to phrase it in a good-better-best scenario. Good is that you can get them to upgrade in-treatment; best is that you can add on a retail sale post-treatment and best is that you can get a rebooking. Bonus points if you get all three! This is where employee incentives can really come in handy, particularly before Christmas or for peak-period offers. Incentivise your staff with a little salon competition and give a nice bottle of wine or a day-in-lieu to whoever sells the most packages total and who can get the best add-on sales for promotional clients. Keep a scorecard in the staff area and publicly praise those who are really putting in an effort with promotions and retail sales. This will encourage the whole team to lift their game, and you get the added bonus of making more money from your profitable salon promotion.


Getting your teams buy-in is the best way to have a successful salon promotion. They are the ones who have the most contact with clients, whether that’s new clients or old ones that can be pushed onto new services, and they are the ones who will ultimately be selling to your clients at the end of their treatment. Whether it’s through incentives or simply by getting them involved in the process, make sure that you dedicate time to getting your team and your salon processes running like a well-oiled machine to ensure that you have the best possible chance of selling through your salon promotion.

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