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HABA + AI GROUP – Keeping Salon Owners Compliant.

Posted April 29, 2019

We know that salon owners are struggling more than ever with compliance in salon. As more red tape goes into managing staff, more clauses go into the award and more if’s, and’s or but’s go into the way businesses operate. That can quickly create a workplace relations minefield for salon owners that is both difficult to navigate and difficult to keep on top of.


That’s why HABA has partnered with Ai Group to provide you with all of your workplace relations advice – to ensure that you are completely compliant in all issues facing your salon as the industry evolves. As we talked about here, HABA and Ai Group have worked together for many years – they have been our partner, helping us to shape the Hair and Beauty Award 2010 with the salon owner at the front of mind, fighting against and winning against outlandish union claims and change requests. We are so pleased to extend our relationship with Ai Group to benefit and really bring value to our members through ongoing workplace relations advice, delivered by experts. This new partnership between HABA and Ai Group is intended to ensure HABA members are able to access expert assistance in relation to the increasingly complex field of industrial relations. This is particularly important given the potential for a number of changes to the award following the Fair Work Commission’s review of modern awards (and workplace relations laws more broadly) if there is a change of Government after the upcoming election.


The HABA Advice line is staffed by a team of experienced workplace relations professionals with legal, HR and other relevant qualifications who are able to assist with the full range of workplace relations issues faced by employers.  This ensures an absolutely correct interpretation of the issues our members present and the implications for salon owners.


HABA members will also receive access to assistance and representation from Ai Group’s in-house law firm should they need help in relation to any complex workplace relations or employment law matter. This includes assistance in relation to claims relating to termination of employment, alleged non-compliance with awards and workplace relations laws or workplace health and safety matters. This is provided at significantly discounted rates for HABA members.


Ai Group is recognised under the workplace relations system as a registered employer association and Peak Council. Consequently, unlike solicitors working in a typical private law firm, the solicitors employed at Ai Group do not need to seek the Commission’s permission to appear in proceedings before the FWC. This means that HABA members will be able to access representation in proceedings, such as matters involving unfair dismissal claims by former employees, should the need arise.


But this great-value advice is only available to HABA members – it’s not just for anyone, and our team are specialists dedicated to legal issues facing salon owners. Ai Group is working closely with HABA to improve and build upon the resource and assistance available to members through our website.


Thank you to our members for your support and patience you have given HABA as we transitioned towards our new system – we are confident that this change will add value to our members and so we will continue to work to ensure a great customer experience for you. If you have questions on Workplace Relations, we encourage you to call the HABA Advice Line on (02) 9221 9911 and choose option 2 from the menu. If you would like to speak to our team or discuss your membership with HABA or register for a new HABA Membership, please call (02) 9221 9911 and choose option 1 from the menu. We look forward to being able to continue to support salon owners in staying compliant in the ever-changing world of business ownership.


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