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Posted March 20, 2017

For salon owners, payroll, superannuation and tax can be a huge time-pit, meaning that lots of your precious time goes into it, but not much comes back to you. The solution? HABA Payroll. The service brings together all the latest information and changes from the award with the latest technology to provide a one-of-a-kind, industry-specific solution for outsourcing payroll in the Hair and Beauty Industry.

HABA Payroll works off a self-service model – meaning that employees electronically enter their working hours before they are approved by the employer and processed, cutting down on timesheets, error in manual handling and error again on the side of the salon owner, who may not be up-to-date with the latest rules and conditions. It means that the pay run is always done correctly, on time and within legal requirements. Easy.

So what does HABA Payroll involve and how do you get started?

  1. All staff should download the app to their smartphone or use the desktop version of the program on a salon computer or your own laptop.
  2. Open the app or program and get access to your portal. Here you can view your leave balances, group certificates, and super payments, as well as change your personal information, update your banking information and enter your timesheets.
  3. For employers only – you can access all your payroll reports from the portal, including breakdowns of PAYG, Superannuation and leave liabilities. This allows you to correctly report on BAS and to plan for your business moving forward
  4. Employees enter their timesheets weekly or fortnightly as they work, generally at the end of the working week. Simply enter the start time, the finish time and any breaks taken and the rest is calculated automatically.
  5. At the end of week or fortnight (depending on your salon’s pay cycle) employers log in and approve or reject the hours recorded by employees. If something is incorrect, you can go and change it- simple.
  6. Once approved, HABA Payroll then creates and processes the pay run, taking into account all current legislative requirements and obligations, offering you insurance and peace of mind that everything is correct. We then send you a breakdown (and an ABA file if necessary) of wages for you to pay your employees. We also prepare and send out the payslips to your employees, manage leave balances and ensure that employee information is always up to date.

*HABA payroll can make superannuation payments on behalf of employers to save you yet more time, but this is an additional service.

For a limited time, HABA are offering existing members an exclusive offer.  Sign up for a twelve-month subscription and we will give you your first THREE MONTHS FREE#!

Be quick as this offer is only available to the first 17 members who sign up. For more information on this strictly limited offer, call Alex our HABA Payroll Manager on 02 9221 9911

For more information on this offer, read the full PDF here.

*Offer based on a salon with 5 employees this could vary depending on the amount of staff. Set up fee applies. POA

So what are you waiting for? HABA Payroll can be an easy and effective way to make a significant change in your business, freeing up more time for you to do what you do best – which is run your salon and look after your business. So trust the experts at Hair and Beauty Australia (HABA) with their Industry-specific payroll services and enquire about HABA Payroll today!



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