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Posted March 2, 2020

The hair and beauty industry is one of the most challenging to recruit for. Not only do we have a skills shortage in this industry but it is becoming harder and harder to find and recruit quality candidates for all roles, from apprentices to seniors. But salon owners need to think beyond simply finding someone to fill a role. You have to consider whether this person is the right person for your salon or not, and if not, you’ve got to be brave enough to wait for the right person to walk through the door.


So, what should you be looking out for in your potential employees?



This should be apparent in everything they do – from the way they dress to their punctuality to their interest in further training and being the absolute best at what they do. Professionalism encompasses a range of different factors that add up to their commitment to their chosen field and to be the absolute best at it. This is something that can be encouraged in a person, but the instinctive drive absolutely must be there. If it’s missing, chances are this person isn’t the right fit for your salon.



Whether we like it or not, the people you employ are essentially a walking, talking advertisement for your business. They should be your greatest showpieces and should be passionate advocates for the kind of work that your business does. If you know that your clients want to look polished and tightly finished when they leave your salon, your team should represent that. If your clients want to look really unique and individual, then your team should reflect that in their own dress. The appearance of our team really does dictate how our customers react to them and their interest in a continued relationship with a particular stylist.



Some clients want to chat chat chat away; while others want to stay silent and take in the moment. Your team members should be able to adjust and adapt their personality to suit the client and ensure that they have a fantastic experience in salon. Additionally, their personality type needs to gel with the rest of your team – no one wants to create an outsider in their team or have an unproductive member bring the whole group down. This ability to be part of the overall fabric of your salon or spa is a completely underrated area that can really make or break a team.


When hiring your next team member, there are certain things that are taken for granted. We assume that they are trained in the relevant areas and that they have the correct level of experience for the role. What we can’t assume are the soft skills that come as part of being in the hair and beauty industry. Some of these can be worked on, and some of these are going to be intrinsic to the individual. Look out for the right approach to professionalism, the right look, and the right personality when you’re next making your hire. It will lead to better longevity of the team member and better ROI for you from employment in your salon.

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