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Posted March 18, 2019

The final piece in our social media promotion blog series is probably the one that we find salon owners struggle with the most. Amplification, or how you communicate your promotion to your chosen target audience. Whether that’s social media, email marketing, PR, advertising, printed mail outs, Google Adwords, in-salon sales – whatever your communication plan for your promotion is, it needs to be well considered to have an impact, and we would suggest employing a number of different methods to ensure that your promotion reaches the widest audience it can.



Social media is changing. Particularly for those within the hair and beauty industry, salons need to use social media to show off your work, as a portfolio of your work, your team, your space and as a more personable, emotional response. For promotions, this might mean showing off great before and afters for the service you’re providing, but we would suggest limiting the hard sell on your social feed and instead focussing on showcasing the work and driving purchase via phone or the website.



These are quite different from social media. Use bright, colourful graphics to grab attention and drive people to a specific page on your website or directly to call. Be more specific in how you want people to act, as you can direct them down an actionable path more clearly with social ads.



Email marketing is still important, particularly in the days of dropping social media engagement. Not only that, but research shows that when people open an email newsletter, they are expecting to DO something and in the frame of mind to do so – click on an offer, shop online or learn something new. Use that to your advantage and drive them to purchase your offer or book in online.



Never discount the power of physical marketing. For older audiences, a physical mail out might be more appropriate. Print flyers and hang them in your salon or put them in the window to grab the attention of foot traffic. Make sure that it is bold and eye-catching and the quality of your printed materials represents the quality of the service you’re providing.



This is a key area for salon owners to remember. Not only do you need to consider physical marketing as mentioned above, but remember the impact your team can have in pushing a promotion. Communicate to them the offer, what is expected of them in salon, who you are targeting and any retail upsells you might want to include. You can read more about getting your in-salon processes right for your promotion here.



Digital ads are not a cure-all for finding new customers but they can be helpful. The broader your target market the better here – for instance, a target market of women aged 25-65 within 15kms of your salon location will deliver pretty good results. You can target ads based on people who have visited your website in the past few months. Take out Google Adwords campaigns for key search terms served to people in your area. All are great options for salon owners, but we do recommend getting some advice on digital advertising or doing a bit more research into it to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck.


Amplification is all about ensuring that your amazing offer is announced to your target market in such a way that they are willing to take action to purchase. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want, but it is important to balance your amplification strategy with your expected ROI – if you’re getting a low-profit margin or low dollar value profit per service, spend less on amplification. If you are receiving a high cost per service, like a promotion created around extensions or similar, spend a bit more to get more of those high-paying customers in the door. Consider who you are targeting and where they will be open to messages from your brand at all times and make sure to try a range of different strategies from this post for your next promotion.


And that’s a wrap! We hope that we have been able to add some value for you in bringing you this breakdown on salon promotions and we hope that you take some if not all of the advice and put it into practice. There is no time like the present to increase your business profitability.

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