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Posted May 6, 2019

Salon owners beware, Single Touch Payroll is coming whether you’re ready or not!

Single Touch Payroll is the biggest shake-up for business owners single the introduction of compulsory superannuation payments in 1992. It regulates the payment of superannuation and ensures that all businesses are correctly paying their staff and their superannuation – but it also involves huge changes for salon owners in order to stay compliant.

For some businesses, the only change you’ll need to make is reporting more frequently instead of once at the end of a financial year. If you currently use payroll or accounting software that offers Single Touch Payroll, you can start reporting any time.



Depending on your existing payroll system, you might be able to transition over to Single Touch Payroll already. Some providers, like Quickbooks and Xero, already allow you to move over to Single Touch Payroll and they have guides to using their platforms to do so on their website.

If you aren’t using a payroll system and are managing your payments manually, or if your payroll system doesn’t currently support Single Touch Payroll, then you personally will have to opt-in to the system. We recommend that salon owners do the opt-in themselves, rather than using their bookkeeper, as you are likely to be the one filing and processing the pay run.

You have to lodge a number of details and forms with the ATO and actually call the ATO to finalise your connection. You need to provide the ATO with proof of ownership including your Australian Business Number. If you’re serious about continuing to manage your pay runs yourself,it’ss worth setting some time aside to get everything set up correctly well before June 30 so you have time to get it right.



Payment, tax and superannuation information for all staff within your business is reported to the ATO each time you pay your team. This needs to be sent to the ATO using a very specific form so that only the relevant information is lodged. This must be done correctly to avoid any penalties and might take a bit of time to get used to if you’re not following any kind of payroll process currently in your salon.



We get it, sometimes you stuff something up. Unfortunately, with Single Touch Payroll not only do you have to fix the issue with your team, you need to completely refile your report. You can either revert the pay run, make your required changes, post and file the report with the ATO; or complete and unscheduled pay run to rectify the mistake (with an additional attached report); or fix the mistake in time for your next pay run. In the case of Single Touch Payroll, it’s far better to get it right the first time, so make sure you check all your figures and report carefully before submitting.


If all of this sounds too hard (and it probably does) then HABA have a complete solution for Single Touch Payroll, specifically designed for salon owners – and that’s HABA Payroll. When you sign up with HABA Payroll, not only do you get your complete payroll process managed for you, end to end, along with complete staff self-service and specialist interpretations based on the Hair and Beaty Award 2010; you also get the entire Single Touch Payroll registration process handled for you. We look after all reporting and registration with the ATO on your behalf and ensure that every aspect of your pay run is compliant.


If you’re troubled by the idea of doing all the work to get your payroll switched to Single Touch Payroll, then now is the time to speak to HABA about getting your salon onto HABA Payroll. For a small fee per staff per pay run, you can have the whole process managed for you. All you have to do is get in touch with the team by emailing and one of our team will be in touch to help answer any questions and transition your business to HABA Payroll.

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