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Last-minute actions to increase your Christmas Sales

Posted December 16, 2020

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for salon owners, and particularly in 2020 this is a chance for many businesses to add to what has been a pretty average year for revenue. If you’ve been a bit distracted with the salon reopening and not as concentrated on your Christmas offers as usual, the team at HABA have put together the quick and easy wins you can put into place in your salon TODAY to get more sales through the till this silly season.


Here’s what you need to do.



One of the easiest things you can do to increase your Christmas sales each year is to make sure they are listed on your ecommerce system. A lot of salon owners have upgraded their websites and businesses to offer ecommerce in 2020, but it’s important that new offers are also listed on these platforms regularly. Christmas specials and particularly gift vouchers should be able to be purchased right up until Christmas Eve with a virtual gift voucher able to be printed at home for those customers who are running a bit late with their gift ideas this year.



First things first, get your offer onto your social media platforms. Use a platform like Canva to make sure the post is appropriately themed or use imagery from your salon suppliers and share your posts on all platforms. Add the post to Instagram and Facebook Stories as this post mode is getting more and more attention from platform users. Communicate as much as possible through these channels.



You can quickly and effectively run a ‘Christmas Giveaway’ for your offer on Social Media, via text, or through your email list. Ask clients to share, like and tag their friends on a specific post and give away one or all of your Christmas offers to a randomised winner. This ensures that your offers get wider exposure to potential new customers and you get the opportunity to spread some cheer at Christmas.



Keep your message short and sharp and communicate via text. Text message open rates are often much higher than email marketing, although the cost of individual text message sends can be quite expensive. Encourage customers to shop online or come to the salon to pick up last-minute Christmas gifts, and ensure that you work with your in-salon team to encourage upselling once the client gets into the salon.



Email marketing can be really effective, especially when paired with online sales, as you can directly push customers to the product you want them to purchase. An email send to your whole database with a short, sharp, and relevant headline – think ‘LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEAS’ or ‘SHOP BEFORE SANTA COMES’ – to make sure you capture the attention of those customers who are looking for a quick-fix to their present woes.



Many salon owners operate in high foot traffic areas, so make sure you’re attracting customers into the salon with the right signage. Chalkboards, A-Frames or posters in the window advertising your Christmas offers can be quickly whipped up and put on display to encourage people to take advantage of Christmas offers or purchase last-minute Gift Vouchers.



We know every salon in the country is at their busiest this time of year – so don’t forget your point of sale and retail displays in salon. People want to be able to do it all in one stop, so offer them a way to finish their Christmas shopping when they’re in for their pre-Holiday appointments. Re-work your retail display in salon, add new gift packs from suppliers in a prominent place, make a gorgeous display of your beautiful gift vouchers and make sure that your staff are recommending Christmas offers heavily during appointments. Offer a staff incentive on who sells the most Christmas offers with a minimum of $xxx. Perhaps they can win the Christmas offer themselves if they have the highest sales!



December is a great time to start thinking about filling your book for January. We know how hard the quieter month can be for salon owners, but with a bit of preparation you can mitigate the impact on your business. Think about offering a bonus $50 coupon for appointments booked in January for every gift voucher purchased over $100, or 10% off all appointments booked before the 24th December for January appointments.


If you’re ready to have a stellar Christmas sale and you want to get those offers moving, try implementing just ONE of the ideas we have listed above and see the difference it makes in your daily reconciliation. Take 10 minutes of your day and dedicate to your Christmas sales before you go back to the business of running your salon throughout this period – your bank balance will thank you for it.


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