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Posted August 5, 2019

In the hair and beauty industry, the upsell is everything. Retail products, recurring appointments, in-salon treatments, package deals and service upgrades are all ways that you can upsell your clients, no matter what they are visiting your salon for. By maximising your existing clients, you can make sure to get better bang for your buck with people who already know you’re amazing, rather than constantly chasing new business – a bit of a struggle in the current economic climate, we know.

It’s not just about going for the sale at the end of the visit. This is typically a time when clients have sticker shock, as they don’t tend to think rationally about the cost of their treatments when booking or when having them done. So, it’s key to convince them of the sale of any additional products or services prior to telling them the dollar figure they need to pay.

Here are all the key moments where you can be asking for the sell with your clients –

When they book

It’s easy to ask the client whether they want an Olaplex treatment or an upgrade to full leg wax when they book. For their mind, they are booking in a lovely experience, and are treating themselves. They feel generous and excited – now is the time to get them in for extra sessions or additional treatments that they can stack onto their existing appointment. Towards the busier times of the year, this is also a great chance to book more than one recurring appointment, so clients avoid disappointment and they don’t get out of the habit of regular appointments during breaks like Christmas or school holidays.


Social Media

whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook or via text, if you’re having a slow week entice your booked customers with an add-on offer on social media. It will attract attention from new clients who see that you offer great specials for your existing clients, while helping get more out of those bookings you do have.


In the waiting room

Whether it’s waiting for their hair consultation, while they have their colour on or in your relaxation room, make sure to optimise this time as a sales opportunity. Retail stock like shampoo, conditioner or moisturiser are great upsells at this stage, as are spa products like candles, air diffusers or straighteners. Have some promotional materials on the mirror or in a stand in the room that is unmissable for your guests.


During Treatment

Your clients are absolutely there to relax, and if they’re not a talker don’t push them. But some clients want to know all the detail of what you’re applying to their face, and undoubtedly some of it will be available on retail. Whether it’s a post-treatment serum, styling products or tools, explain how they are used, why they’re perfect for the client and if they’re making the right noises, ask them if they would like you to bundle at take-home into their treatment today.


At the desk

This is the last line of defence and really your last chance to grab them with an upsell. Whether it’s a case of putting the products used in their service on the desk for them to see again before they leave, or booking them in for follow up appointments, now is the time to do the last little sell. But make sure it’s before you tell them the cost of the service to make sure that you don’t get the budget um’s and ah’s.


This blog post might be old news to top-level salon owners, but it can also be a great training tool for your staff members. Selling is everyone’s job in a salon, and not to be left to the owner or the receptionist. Everyone needs to partake in achieving a better bottom line, and sales incentives and additional training can be a great way to achieve this across your team. Ensure your team feel enabled and can think creatively about how to best service the client with upsells, without heavy discounts or adding too much pressure to buy on the client. It’s a fine line, but one that makes a huge difference to your bottom line if done right.

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