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Posted November 11, 2019

There’s a saying in business that often gets forgotten in the age of digital advertising – it takes twice as much energy to get a new client as it does to work with an existing one. Now, that’s not to say that you should forget about new customer acquisition altogether, but it does highlight here that often in our marketing efforts and sales efforts we are too focussed on new and shiny clients. Instead, it is far more cost-effective to make sure that you are maximizing the potential profit out of your existing, loyal customers.


Add-on services

Often long-standing customers get caught in the trap of same old, same old with their hair and beauty services. Even if a client has been offered an add on treatment or brow tint before and turned it down, refresh their memory and give them an opportunity for a different answer every couple of appointments. Even if they come to your salon specifically for lashes, make sure that they are aware of your injectibles offer or massage appointments or any new services you have available – you never know what might tickle their fancy one day. It’s also a great idea to take a little extra time every 6 months or so to check in with them about any issues they might be facing with their skin, hair or body – there are always ways to help your clients look their best with your suite of services, it’s just a matter of finding out how you can help them best.


Exclusive offers

Your existing customers are your most loyal fan base. They are the people who are recommending you to their friends, sharing your posts and coming in regularly to your salon. Most promotional offers focus on the acquisition of new business, but there are ways you can reward your existing clients with exclusive offers, particularly around referrals. A referral bonus, loyalty cards or a Christmas gift all garner goodwill and create something special to talk about for your clients. All of these ideas are great ways to encourage your existing clients to spend more in-salon and recommend you more to their network of people.


Retail product

We have spoken previously about the art of upselling, and most salon owners get the basics right – it’s pretty easy to sell clients a shampoo and conditioner set, or cleanser and moisturizer. To maximise this, work on the 3rd product sell, whether that’s a masq or a treatment or a serum. Your clients are already seeing the great results from the products they already own so they definitely see the value in the products, and this next level of product is bound to offer similar benefits. This is an easy way to make a serious difference to the bottom line of your business, and January offers a great time to put in some extra training with your team to make sure that next step is made in the sales process.


Future appointments

This one is a real play for your reception team. Start by asking clients if they would like appointments at 6 or 8 weeks – you will be surprised how many take you up on the 6-week offer, particularly at this time of the year. It’s also a good idea to offer them a follow-up service for smaller treatments -think a 4-week fringe trim or an infill appointment for lashes or nails. The more times your customers are in salon, the more chances you have to sell them some great products, and the more appointments they have per year. It’s also a good idea from October – January/February to book your clients 2 or 3 appointments in advance – or at least offer them the option. This is a peak period for weddings before we run into the silly season. Not only are your books busy, but you want to make sure your clients have regular appointments in this period to stave off the post-Christmas slump. Your clients benefit from great service while looking and feeling great, and you have a better idea of what appointments and income you have coming into your salon. It’s a win all round.


All salon owners should be working on attracting new business to their salon, year-round. But that doesn’t mean looking a gift horse in the mouth and neglecting your existing customer base and letting them just muddle along. Offer better value and great service to those clients you know are already loyal and see the value in what you do – it will help your bottom line and help your business.

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