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Posted January 7, 2019

In the rush leading up to Christmas, we all get distracted. Little things fall by the wayside, the small details of the day to day running of your salon just aren’t as important as the more pressing needs of leave, staff breaks and getting through the Christmas appointments. But come January, when salons are typically quieter, it’s time to dust off your Salon Policies and Procedures Manual and review the how-to of running your business – for your own safety, and that of your team.


One of the easiest things to let slip during the Christmas season is safety and safe work practices. In the hurry of the season, it just doesn’t seem as important – but everyone in a salon environment deserves to get home safely. Now is the time to review your Workplace Health and Safety documents with your team, and take the time to ensure that everyone understands exactly what is expected of them in creating a safe working environment.


Salon Policies and Procedures are living, breathing documents that should be constantly changing and updating. This allows you to change the policies as they need to be changed as required by the business, whether you are growing, your team changes or your focus changes. Don’t let your policies and procedures get out of date or ignored in a drawer, keep your staff updated and your policies updated to ensure that your team, your salon and your business are all running at peak performance.

As a salon owner, it’s an important time of year to review your Salon Policies and Procedures Manual. Make sure that your Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Policy, Leave Policy and Workplace Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment policies are all up to date and still relevant for the way you run your business. A simple check of these policies each year ensures that you are covered and protected in the event of any incident, and ensures that you are doing the right thing by your team in ensuring that they are protected.

HABA has prepared a series of templates for writing salon policies and procedures and we invite our members to access and download these templates to write policies and procedures that are created by a team of Industrial Relations experts, written to best practice. If you have any issues around staff or salon policies and procedures, the team at HABA are here to help. Just call (02) 9221 9911 or email



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