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Posted January 14, 2019

After the crazy Christmas period, most salons experience a bit of a slowdown in January. It’s no surprise really, when all your clients have been in salon in December, they aren’t likely to need a hair colour or bikini wax for at least 6-8 weeks – and that typically takes us into February before appointments start picking up and getting into their regular cycle again.


This is the time of year where lots of salon owners see the slow down as a big concern – and we aren’t disagreeing, no bums on seats in your salon can be concerning. Sometimes it’s simply a case however of choosing to look at this period of slower activity as an opportunity instead of a threat. Now is the time to refresh your safe work practices, to review your salon policy and procedure documents, and most importantly to make sure that your team is ready to do their best work in the new year.


January can be a fantastic time to take the time to focus on training with your staff. Whether it’s a new apprentice you have brought on, upskilling your juniors or refining technique with your senior stylists, now is a great time to make sure that all of your team members are ready and rearing for when your clients get back on their regular appointment cycle.



  • Technique. Whether its application of balayage colour, installation of extensions or new microblading techniques, now is the time to refine technique and ensure that your team isn’t getting into bad habits due to being time poor. If you have a particular team member in your salon who is truly an expert in a particular technique, have them lead the training under your supervision – everyone learns differently and so they might just offer a new perspective that could change the way one of your team works.
  • Sales. This can include everything from retail product sales to additional appointments and add-on services. Make sure that each member of your team understands how you approach sales within your salon and that each of them understands why the upsell is important and the best way to approach it with their clients.
  • Product training. Whether it’s machines or consumables, each of your team should be an expert in the products you use and the retail products you sell. Making sure that the team is up-to-date on new ranges or technologies ensures that they can on-sell it to their clients and that they are confident in applying and selling these services or products.
  • Salon Systems. Our salon systems can usually do much more than we use them for on a day to day basis and the tendency as the salon owner is to be the only one using the salon system to its full ability. From loading new products and services to your online store or new promotions, ensure that each member of your team can utilise your salon system fully – this will really come back to help you during busy periods and help you to maximise your client appointments.
  • Waste-Free Salon Practices. We have spoken a lot about going waste-free in your salon and this continues to be a hot topic for salons with more and more players coming into the market to help. Now is the time to ensure that your team understands how they can help you reduce your waste bills and assist in creating a waste-free environment within your salon. Ask your waste systems company to come into salon one day for an introduction or refresher with your team so everyone is on the same page with these salon policies.


We understand that January can be a struggle for salon owners – but now truly is the time to ensure that your salon is set and ready for a bigger and better year than the one before. By setting the standards now and making sure that all your team are continuing to learn, you ensure that when clients are coming back through the doors that your team is poised to help you maximise each appointment for maximum revenue.


If you’re having any issues with staff or training, the team at HABA are here to help. Call our team of qualified Industrial Relations Advisors on (02) 9221 9911 and let’s help you start 2019 in the best way in your salon.

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