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Posted March 27, 2017

We spoke to you last week about how much of a time pit processing the pay run is for salon owners. And you guys really heard us. We understand payroll is hard and a pain. But there are some really simple ways to fix that.

Here are our top reasons to outsource your payroll:

  1. Free up your time – We have said it before; we will say it again – payroll processing is a very time-consuming process. Outsourcing payroll can help to free up time to pursue more important activities that will create revenue and deliver better value to your business.
  2. Avoid Penalties – Did you know that 40% of small businesses pay an average penalty of $845 per year for late or incorrect filings and payments? That’s money that could be in your pocket instead. Don’t get it wrong, get HABA Payroll instead.
  3. Legislation – Most business owners and financial controllers don’t have the time to keep up with constantly changing legislation and regulations, particularly common under the Hair & Beauty Award. For instance, are you aware of the advanced leave provisions that were introduced late 2016? Or the bone marrow and blood donor leave entitlements proposed a fortnight ago to the Hair & Beauty Award? These changes can mean big time in your weekly payroll run; and if handled incorrectly, can mean big money out of your pocket.
  4. Technology – HABA has not only made the move to an electronic payroll system (reducing risks of underpayment claims) but is backed by cloud storage (meaning you never lose your files or records) and is remotely accessible – so you can check your payroll records on-the-go, no matter where you are in the world, and still be in complete control.
  5. Avoid pain – Manual payroll is a headache in the best case and a nightmare in the worst. Business owners who do choose to outsource payroll eliminate a constant source of pain and difficulty in their business, making the end of the week or fortnight easier.
  6. Have your own HR manager – HABA offers payroll outsourcing because we know this goes hand-in-hand with human resources and industrial relations matters, which are our speciality. As a HABA Member, you can ask any employment-related questions and obtain up to date, accurate, industry-specific information right away. It’s like having your own HR manager working for you in the business – without having to pay the salary.
  7. No lock-in Contracts – Don’t get locked into a lengthy contract that you don’t need. Unlike other payroll systems and providers, we won’t lock you into any unreasonable contracts so you can feel free and flexible with HABA Payroll. We do ask that you give us 4 weeks’ notice on termination, but that is just to make sure that we are on track with your payment cycle.
  8. Save money – running payroll can be an unnecessary financial burden, both in time it takes you to process the pay run and in working with other, expensive systems. Let HABA Payroll provide an easy solution to this problem with its affordable and efficient payroll services, starting from $4.40 per employee.

For a limited time, HABA is offering existing members an exclusive offer.  Sign up for a twelve-month subscription and we will give you your first THREE MONTHS FREE#!

Be quick as this offer is only available to the first 17 members who sign up. For more information on this strictly limited offer, call Alex our HABA Payroll Manager on 02 9221 9911

For more information on this offer, read the full PDF here.

*Offer based on a salon with 5 employees this could vary depending on the amount of staff. Set up fee applies. POA

Choosing to outsource your payroll is an easy decision. It comes down to whether you think your time could be better or more effectively spent on other tasks and activities, or whether the risk of getting the pay run wrong is worth it to your business. Lots of HABA Members believe that HABA Payroll offers a great insurance policy for their payroll run, allowing them to focus on their business and avoiding fines and penalties for getting it wrong. So what are you waiting for? Join HABA Payroll today and get a team of experts on your side.

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