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Plan your Christmas Promotions NOW

Posted October 14, 2019

Who can believe that Christmas is just around the corner? It might feel like months away – but in reality it is only 84 days away. That means now is the best time to start planning your Christmas promotions so that you have enough time to market them and clear them out before you and your team knock off on Christmas Eve.


The easiest way for salon owners to profit during the Christmas period is to take your existing services or retail products and package them up into a wonderful gift experience for clients, their family and friends. Look at what promotions you have run throughout the year and see whether there is something you can add to or revamp to create a new promotion, or look at what your most successful Christmas promotion was last year and see whether it needs reviewing or refreshing for 2019.


We encourage salon owners to always add value or bonuses when creating your promotions, rather than just taking your hard-earned profit straight off the top of any promotion. This ensures that your salon is still making money on any offer while offering something above and beyond for your customers – win, win all round.


Some great Christmas Gift Ideas are below –


  • Christmas Party Package combining 3 services and box of chocolates. This encourages people to purchase and use their purchase throughout the whole month of December as everyone gets their treatments done, and creates a great experience that will last far beyond the register. For beauty salon owners, think brows + facial + makeup; for hair salon owners think cut, colour blowdry or cut, colour, treatment.
  • Include a gift with your bundle. Including a low-value gift card (think $25-$50) is a great way to entice people towards a package offering. This allows regular customers to get a little something extra off their regular treatment, or it allows them to give it to a potential new customer, like their mum or best friend, as a gift. If you phrase it this way in your marketing, it’s pretty likely you could get new customers out of a great Christmas Deal.
  • Don’t forget your retail offering. Bring together a shampoo, conditioner, treatment and some chocolates, package it all up beautifully and make it an easy gift to place under the tree for those last-minute shoppers.


For best success this Christmas, don’t forget your marketing

  • Merchandise your products and gift cards in such a way that people see them like a Christmas gift, and place them under your salon Christmas Tree for effective seasonal decorations.
  • Incorporate promotional signage throughout the salon with mirror talkers, at the point of purchase or in your waiting area with posters.
  • Promote your Christmas promotion via your email newsletter list. Consider doing a mail drop within 20kms of your salon at least 3 weeks before Christmas to capture local attention.
  • Regular posts onto social media will reiterate your offer to your existing audience and ensure that people will remember your offer when it comes time to purchase. Consider paid social posts to reach a wider audience.
  • For your best customers or customers in a loyalty program, consider offering them a bonus gift when they purchase something this Christmas. These customers are the best way to grow your business, and their recommendation carries serious weight, so reward them and their loved ones when you can.
  • Create scripts for staff to help them start conversations about Christmas offers behind the chair or therapy rooms. Make sure staff know that the point is to make it easy and convenient for customers to purchase gifts for themselves, family and friends this Christmas and to drive your seasonal offers before falling back on gift vouchers if the customer can’t decide on the right gift.


Now is the perfect time to start the holiday feeling for your promotion. Whether you take one of the ideas here or come up with something else fantastic, start planning your Christmas promotion early, communicate it often and in lots of different ways and you are sure to have a successful Christmas Period.



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