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QR Codes for Client Check-in MANDATORY for Salon Owners.

Posted December 3, 2020

We have seen a lot of conversation in our private member’s group on Facebook recently about the new COVID-19 restrictions in across Australia forcing salon owners to use QR codes for checking in, rather than signing sheets or lodging records on your salon computer. This new rule has been made MANDATORY for all salon owners across the hair and beauty industry in NSW + SA with WA and VIC Governments also offering QR Systems for small business owners in their states. Electronic record-keeping generally is mandatory in all states across Australia.

We have all now become quite accustomed to using a QR Code as they are quite common across the hospitality and local tourism sector, and fortunately, they are able to be read using your smartphone. They are convenient for both businesses and clients, allowing them to quickly scan and move away from the doorway of your business. Most of the check-in systems will remember clients’ details so filling in the form is quick and easy.

Contact tracing is one of the most powerful tools we have in the fight against Covid-19 and allows Australians to control the spread of the virus and most importantly keep local clusters localised. This will ensure that businesses aren’t forced into hard lockdowns again and we can keep our salons open. By following state-level guidelines and ensuring that as many people as possible complete the QR code on arrival to your salon, you ensure that you are not liable for any penalties. By completing registrations digitally, the data stays with the state agency and ensures that they are responsible for contacting anyone who may have been exposed to a case of Covid-19. In the instance that the data from your salon is not recorded electronically or through the state-level apps, that responsibility falls on the business owner.

All state governments have created a FREE system for creating unique QR codes for their businesses. Businesses in NSW, SA, and WA who have registered as COVID Safe will be emailed their unique QR code. Victorian businesses and venues can now go to to register and be sent their unique QR code to display for visitors to scan and check-in

Customers will need to have the Service NSW, Service Victoria, mySAGOV or the SafeWA app installed on their mobile to record their visit. This information will then be stored for 28 days by the app (rather than the salon owner) and only for the purpose of contact tracing, if necessary.

HABA recommends all members put a sign up at the entry to your salon (or all entries, including trade or service entries, if you have them) to ensure that everyone entering the building understands and has the ability to check in on arrival.


HABA has received specific clarifications for those salons concerned about members who do not have access to a smartphone –

Those patrons who do not have access to a smartphone, businesses and organisations are encouraged to record their contact details and time of entry in digital form using a non-QR electronic device, such as a computer. This record can be in the form of a spreadsheet or any other form of digital entry – for instance, in the WA App there is an option to create a manual entry for those people who do not own a smartphone – to ensure salon owners can track customer check-ins and protects the privacy of your clientele.


If your state or salon is unable to complete digital check in for a client for whatever reason, all states are offering templates for physical


NSW Salons template:record template is available. (PDF, 167.7 KB)

WA Salons template: A template for a written contact register form is available on the Contact registers stakeholder toolkit page.

SA Salons template: Contact tracing attendance record (PDF, 558.9 KB)

VIC Salons template:


In exceptional circumstances where an electronic method is not available, for example, due to technical limitations or outages, paper records must be collected and be digitised as soon as possible e.g., by taking a readable digital photo. This can also be done manually by your reception team with a salon iPad, if necessary, to ensure that digital details are gathered and stored in the state agency system.


It is worth noting that you do not need to add children accompanying their parents under 16 as the parent has scanned the QR code, but salon owners must consider extra people entering their premises who may not have scanned the QR Code, eg. Someone dropping their spouse off at an appointment, stock delivery drives, tradespeople, sales reps etc.

Every adult who is passing through your salon really should be completing the QR Code to ensure that all contacts can be traced.

As business owners and members of our communities, we must all do our part to control the spread of Covid19 and ensure that we are in line with government regulations around these controls as the fines can be quite significant. In WA Businesses that put the community at risk in this way risk penalties under the Emergency Management Act 2005, including a fine of up to $50,000 for an individual and $250,000 for a body corporate, or 12 months’ imprisonment. NSW, SA, and VIC businesses have also been warned that they will face strict penalties for non-compliance, although it is unclear as to what those penalties are. Salon owners should not risk being seriously penalised – instead, get on board with QR Codes, and let’s keep businesses open.



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