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Posted December 5, 2016

WFI is both a strategic partner of Hair and Beauty Australia and is an insurance company dedicated to the businesses that make Australia great – from salons and small businesses to farmers and even individuals. WFI is dedicated to helping you out on your terms, so you can speak to a real person. They prefer phone calls to emails and stopping by for a cuppa over call centers and sales reps.

WFI is a proud alliance partner of the Hair and Beauty Australia (HABA), which offers our members discounts on premiums on your insurance policy. We recently spoke to HABA member Magda from Lupp Hair in Sydney who has just recently changed her policy to go with WFI and this is what she had to say:

“I was with GIO for about 6-7 years. Every time the policy was up for renewal, the price would go up 3-4-600 a year. So you know what, I said I’m over this GIO. And I remember seeing that HABA was associated with different people and you can get great discounts, so I rang the office and they suggested I speak to WFI. I was able to save $1,500 on one bill and there was about $5,000 saved in total. It was very easy, I just sent the team there the current policy, we increased the policy to be a bit more insured and I still made a saving! It’s not even about the savings it’s about feeling like you are getting value for money from your insurer.”

WFI and HABA work together to improve the insurance options for salon owners, so they are tailored to your specific needs. WFI understands that salons aren’t like other businesses and that your options need to be more flexible, all thanks to thanks to their 90 years of experience in the of insurance for hair and beauty providers in Australia.

WFI offers a range of policies and covers for most hair and beauty businesses, with the WFI Commercial Plan specifically designed with our  needs in mind. As well as being simple and easy to arrange, you can tailor the plan to suit your circumstance, giving you the choice of cover to best meet your requirements and your budget, in the one fully integrated plan – no extras, no fuss and always a helpful person on the line to speak to.

If you, like Magda, want to see a significant improvement in the cost of your business insurance and the service that you receive from your insurer, we would love you to get in touch with WFI today. To find out more about WFI’s products, request a quote, or to contact your Local Area Manager, simply call HABA on (02) 9221 9911 and we will put you in touch with the best person at WFI to deal with your enquiry.

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