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Posted February 20, 2017

Policies and procedures are by nature a topic that makes people’s eyes glaze over. But in a salon environment, often it is your policies and procedures that will protect you in times of legal action, let alone the requirement by law for each salon to have their own set of guidelines for operations.


At HABA we deal with salon owners daily who simply don’t have this necessary documentation which should be designed and implemented to protect their own businesses – it’s cheap insurance for peace of mind. We recommend that all salons create policies and procedures manual as quickly as possible to ensure that:

  • a) you the salon owner comply with industrial relations standards and minimum obligations (refreshing your knowledge of the Fair Work Act or the Hair and Beauty Award is never a bad thing!); and
  • b) so that in instances of legal action, you are protected.

For example, we heard of a case where an organisation which dismissed an employee for sexual harassment was immediately ordered to re-employ the sacked staff member as they had failed to follow their own policy. The company had a policy of zero tolerance to sexual harassment but failed to follow the necessary steps outlined in the policy when it was breached. The Commission hearing showed that the company had breached its own policy when it issued the employee numerous unofficial warnings instead. Avoid these situations in your own salon by implementing policies sooner rather than later.


A salon policy and procedures manual is made up of statements of principles and approaches to dealing with the general management and ministration of a salon. They act as a framework for how the salon deals with everything general operational problems, or how to respond to requirements to comply with legislation, regulation and codes of practice. It is important to understand what you are trying to achieve by writing these guidelines – they are a statement of purpose that helps to save time when new problems arise and help to maintain the direction of a salon through periods of growth, shrinkage or change. They provide the framework for business planning and demonstrate that the organisation is being operated in an efficient and professional manner.


Because your policy and procedures manual is typically shared with all your staff members, it’s important that your policy is well written, easy to understand and accessible to staff members. It should outline the way that different situations should be handled, and these approaches should be consistent across different scenarios, showing considered decision making and clarifying functions and responsibilities.


A policy and procedures manual should be consistent with the values held by both the business and by employment legislation. Having a standard set of guidelines creates a stable working environment, where favouritism, special treatment, nepotism and prejudice are thrown out the window – the policy allows everyone to be treated equally and each situation to be handled effectively and efficiently.


HABA offer our members a standard template to write and create your own policies and procedures manual, protecting your salon and ensuring your compliance with the law. As a HABA member, you can download this template HERE.


And if you’re not a HABA member as yet – what are you waiting for? Get a team of industrial relations experts who specialise in the Hair and Beauty Industry on your side and get access to many resources, designed to make the process of running a salon easier and more effective. You can sign up to be a HABA member by clicking the link HERE or calling our team on (02) 9221 9911.

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