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Setting Salon Goals in 2022

Posted January 17, 2022

It might be that you sit down at the start of the year and think about your personal goals for the year, but when do salon owners take the time to think about their business goals? Often we are running to the deadline in the lead up to Christmas, many salons operate during the Christmas/New Year period and then all of a suddenly it’s MARCH and we are well and truly into the new year.


This year, HABA are pushing for a 1st of Feb Salon Goals launch. If you want your business to grow or change, you simply must take the time to sit down and think about HOW you’re going to get there. So, use the next few weeks to consider your salon goals, get a plan together and communicate it to your team on the 1st of Feb. It’s the quickest path to success in 2022!


Here are some of the top goals for 2022 we are hearing from our members, and simple strategies to tackle them in your business:


Goal: Increase profit

Why: Every salon owner would like to make more money. Simple right? But do you know how to go about it? Where do you start?  

How: The easiest way to increase your profit is to make more money off each bum in the seat or on the bed. Consider a price rise for your services (we know many salons have delayed any price increase over the past few years) or rejig your services slightly to ensure you’re providing a more holistic experience and can therefor charge more for it. Look at the other side of the equation too and lower your costs – call your service providers and ask for a better rate or ask your landlord for a lower rent.


Goal: Increase your customer base

Why: Increasing your customer base might seem like the quickest path to making more money, but it also incorporates retaining your clients. If you can keep most of your existing clients and add even a couple of new ones, you have more money flowing through your salon. Just make sure you’ve got the employee mix right to service them!

How: Consider offering loyalty programs or discounts for multiple bookings made. New client offers bring new people through the doors and memberships can ensure that existing clients don’t look elsewhere for their favourite services.


Goal: Employee Retention

Why: We know how difficult it is to get new staff right now. It’s the bane of every salon owners existance, and it’s not looking like getting any easier any time soon. The best way to ensure you’re not left short staffed is to retain your existing staff, and it keeps your onboarding and training costs low (helping you increase profits). Employee retention is going to be the buzzword of 2022 we can bet you.

How: Give as much as you can to your staff. Whether that’s an above-award pay rate, additional training and opportunities for your best staff or moving staff between locations to suit their lifestyle better, work WITH your team and keep an open line of communication with them. The last thing you want to be is blindsided by a resignation you weren’t expecting and could have easily avoided.


Goal: Improve quality

Why: As professionals, we all want to ensure that we are providing the best service that we can for our clients and that we are doing well at the work we do. A quality service also ensures that you increase the number of word-of-mouth referrals you receive and ensures you retain your clients. We all know a bad review in your business can be devastating and an unhappy client is far more vocal than a happy one. Improving and maintaining the quality of your services, from when clients walk in the door until the minute they leave, is key to success in business long-term.

How: Go through the client process yourself! See what your clients see or send in a secret shopper to tell you what is happening. Consider simple ways to improve the client experience, from tea in the waiting room to product samples as clients leave the salon. Offer additional hands-on training or top-up training for your team to ensure that every part of the service is excellent. Do a complete audit of the services you’re offering, and make sure you dedicate energy and effort to all your services. If something no longer works for your business, stop offering it and instead focus deeply on your niche.


Whatever your goals in business, make sure you write them down and work out what success looks like for you. Maybe it’s a scale from 1 to 10 and moving a particular goal even one point higher by the year end is success for you. And finally communicate your goal for the business with your team! Not only will this keep you on track and accountable, but it makes it much easier for your team to work WITH you towards these goals and ensures they are on the path with you, rather than being unknowingly resistant.


Finally, don’t forget to take a few minutes to reflect on your own personal well-being. It is amazingly easy to forget how many roles we have to play as salon owners; Business owners, managers, mentors, cheerleaders and hair and beauty professionals. But above all, we are humans too, and sometimes we need a break or some space. Selfcare is not selfish, and after what was supposed to be a normal Christmas and Summer, we can all be forgiven for taking a moment for personal reflection.


HABA is here to guide you in business in 2022. 2022 is a year of opportunity for salon owners, but it all starts with being a bit aware and a bit more on top of your business. HABA helps our members stay on top of their business, from industry insights and regulation change through to advocating for salon owners at all levels of government and fighting for salon owners at the FWC. HABA are your partner in business, and we want to help you have a cracking year in 2022.

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