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Don’t Get Caught out by Single Touch Payroll

Don't get fined and stay compliant by using HABA Payroll, specifically designed for Salon Owners.

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Salon owners beware, Single Touch Payroll is coming whether you’re ready or not!

Salon owners run the risk of fines and other punishment for NOT getting the Single Touch Payroll process right – but switching to Single Touch Payroll involves huge changes for salon owners in order to stay compliant.

Previously, businesses would report into the ATO once a year at tax time; or quarterly if they were registered for GST. Now you need to send this report each time you process a pay run – and it has to be done digitally using the ATO system which is less than user-friendly and involves complicated reports that must be managed. This takes up your time as a salon owner which could be better spent than fumbling with spreadsheets. Even if you have a book-keeper or accountant managing your payroll, the cost of this is likely to increase as processing the pay each week is now more complicated.

If you’ve heard enough, fill in the form on the right to have one of our HABA Payroll specialists give you a call to discuss how we can help you save time and money, avoid the headache of Single Tough Payroll and stay compliant!

On July 1st 2019, ALL businesses need to roll over to the new Single Touch Payroll System.

HABA are here to offer Salon Owners a completely compliant, already up-and-running solution for Single Touch Payroll – and that is HABA Payroll.

  • Pay just $10 for weekly pay runs; and $13 for fortnightly pay runs per staff member*
  • HABA Payroll deals directly with Single Touch Payroll and the ATO – no headache for you
  • Easy-to-use app ready for staff to lodge their own hours, you approve them in one click
  • No risk of being fined – HABA handles the compliance for you
  • Accurate translation of the Hair and Beauty Award 2010 every time – no need for calculations or for you to check the information – HABA does it all for you
  • Save time and money and remove the headache of payroll, superannuation, Group Certificates AND the process of lodging with Single Touch Payroll – HABA Payroll does it all!

If you’re ready to switch your business over to HABA Payroll we want to make it as seamless and possible and make sure you stay compliant.

Fill in the form or email to start a conversation today!

*Prices quoted are for HABA Members. Non-members can still use the HABA Payroll service, email for more details. Set up fee’s do apply. 4-10 employees $250; 11-20 employees $350; 21-30 employees $450; Over 30 Employees $600. For this fee, HABA set’s up a member company file and enters all the employee data, pay rates, tax tables and entitlements as well providing you with app training and WHS Training for your team. Speak to the team from HABA for more details.


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