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Posted November 2, 2020

As we roll into November, now is the time to get yourself into gear for the busiest period on the salon calendar. While we know our regulars will be coming in and probably even have at least two appointments pre-booked in this period, now is a time where you can create significant sales for your business and fill your books ahead of the January slump.


We’ve got a super-easy checklist of things salon owners NEED to remember at this time of year to make sure that your Christmas period is profitable and that your January performs.


DO develop specific service bundle deals for your salon. Offer themed in-house experiences in the lead up to the Christmas break to encourage people to treat themselves or their friends and family in your salon.

DON’T discount gift vouchers – this only hurts your business by stinging you when you have to provide the service with the same consumables, for the same amount of time but at a lesser spend. As gift vouchers must be valid for 3 years this can be seriously significant down the line.


DO include a gift with purchase, like a dollar value gift card. Whether the client uses it themselves for a future appointment or as a gift for a friend, it can be a cute way to entice regular customers to purchase something special, like a service bundle deal. Use marketing to encourage them to give the gift away to entice new business into your salon.


DON’T allow margin creep to affect your promotion success. Make sure when calculating the price of any promotional offer that you remember to include enough margin on the offer to make it worth your while. Don’t lose money on a service designed to make you money and instead take the time to crunch the numbers.


DO Focus on retail offers from your suppliers. These can be great stocking stuffers or easy gift ideas and they have the discount built into them. With cute packaging and great in-salon promotion, these are an easy retail win at Christmas time.


DON’T forget to book your new year follow-ups. A quick reminder that summer sun and fun is hard on both people’s skin and hair might be the kicker to encourage them to book an appointment a little earlier than they normally would (think at the 6-week mark, not the 8-week mark) which can help balance your book in January.


DO get started today! Formulate your offers and get them out to your clients in the next fortnight to make sure that you hit the heart of the pre-Christmas gift-buying season.


Now is the perfect time to start the holiday feeling for your promotion. Whether you take one of the ideas here or come up with something else fantastic, start planning your Christmas promotion early, communicate it often and in lots of different ways and you are sure to have a successful Christmas period.



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