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The top 4 issues facing salon owners in 2022 – and what you can do about it!

Posted December 13, 2021

After what feels like an eternity of uncertainty in the Hair and Beauty Industry, we are starting to see normality come back into action, and we here at HABA are thrilled to see it. That doesn’t mean that all issues are going away, but we at least have enough head space and time to start planning for them, which allows salon owners to be on the front foot in 2022.


Here are the top 4 issues facing salon owners in 2022, and clear actions YOU can take in your salon to ensure you’re ready to face these issues head on.


Continued uncertainty around Covid

With new variants being found and continued COVID spread in the community, we are going to see more uncertainty in 2022 around the pandemic. While most states agree that continued business shutdowns are damaging to the economy, to mental health and the viability of small business, we need to be prepared for the potential for salon closures or restrictions in the coming year.

Here’s what you can do to combat this uncertainty:

  • Reduce your business costs as much as you can. A new year is an ideal time to do this, and will help you stay afloat if things get tough
  • Have a Covid Safety Plan ready to go in case there is an outbreak. Maintain high levels of hygiene, cleaning and vigilance in your salon and let’s keep our communities safe.
  • Make sure you’re getting all concessions or rebates you’re entitled to. Not only does it help to already be in the system if you need to claim anything, but it helps your bottom line which keeps your business running.


Labour shortages

We are hearing every single day from our members that getting staff into salons is the biggest challenge facing salon owners right now. With borders starting to open, we are seeing a return of visa holders for the hair and beauty industry, and the option to offer sponsorship for international talent. But as an industry we need to get smarter in recruitment for the best talent for your salon, and we need to focus on adding more talent to the pipe. Here’s what you can do to combat labour shortages:

  • Think outside the box when it comes to recruitment. Approach salon owners doing great work on Instagram and offer them an opportunity or get creative with your social media presence to attract the right talent. Give yourself more options and more ways to fill gaps in your team.
  • Take on mature-aged apprentices and train them appropriately. While slightly more expensive starting out, they are more likely to be loyal and dedicated and less likely to quit on the industry in the early part of their apprentices
  • Consider sponsorship for an international talent, a great option now that borders are starting to reopen.
  • Work WITH the team you already have in place. The last thing you want now is to lose staff and create another gap, so make sure you have open communication with your team and work with them to keep them on your books.
  • If you’re really struggling to get enough people on board, consider your salon processes and systems and see if there are ways to outsource other parts of the job to create time for your team members where you can.


Insufficient training for apprentices

Not only are we finding that apprentices aren’t coming away from their TAFE training with the skills needed to work on the floor, but we are also missing the opportunity to train apprentices on being in business. This creates a flow-on problem where career prospects in the hair and beauty industry seem limited, which discourages people from both entering and staying in the industry. Unfortunately, that leaves the onus on salon owners to pick up where TAFE or VET has left off, and while HABA are undertaking some serious review of and recommendations towards changes to the training program for hair and beauty apprentices in 2022, it will take time to see change. Here’s what YOU can do in your salon to combat a lack of training:

  • Dedicate to your team. The more energy you put into your staff, the easier life will be for you as a salon owner and it’s a great way to garner loyalty in your team.
  • Work with your suppliers to offer additional training programs for both apprentices and seniors to create a culture of professionalism and learning in your salon.
  • Consider business training as part of your ongoing training schedule with your team. Whether it’s as simple as time management and salon software, or as complex as accounting and business structures, show your salon staff what a career in hair and beauty looks like.


Supply issues for in-salon materials and retail

Globally there are supply chain issues affecting every single industry and sector. In the hair and beauty industry, we are starting to see delays in retail product and salon supplies being able to be delivered, so it’s important that you get on top of what you need to stay operating as soon as possible. Here’s how you deal with supply issues in your salon:

  • Factor any delays into your ordering schedule. If normally you would receive stock in 10 days, factor in 20 days and change your order date accordingly.
  • Order more than you would normally need to cover any gaps. Even a 10% increase in stock can make a huge impact to whether you can deliver services.
  • Get friendly with your suppliers. Simple things like paying bills on time and ordering more products through one supplier can generate good will which stands you in good stead in an emergency. Don’t call in the favour too often, but if you get in a real bind and you’ve got a great relationship with your supplier, you’re in a better position than if you always pay your bill late or only order that one thing with them.


2022 is a year of opportunity for salon owners, but it all starts with being a bit aware and a bit more on top of your business. HABA helps our members stay on top of their business, from industry insights and regulation change through to advocating for salon owners at all levels of government and fighting for salon owners at the FWC. HABA are your partner in business, and we want to help you have an absolutely cracking year in 2022.

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