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Hair & Beauty Australia Industry Association

Terms and Conditions


  1. 1.Persons eligible for membership shall be:- 
  1. Any person who carries on business:
    (i)     as a hairdresser and / or a beauty therapist; or
    (ii)     which supplies products and / or services (including training services) unique to the hair and / or beauty industry; 
  1. Any employer who carries on a business, and who employs staff or personnel whose employment is covered by an industrial award covering the hair and beauty industry (or part of that industry); 
  1. Any financial member ofthe Hair & Beauty Australia ABN 78133372200  shall automatically become a member of the Association for as long as they remain a financial member of HABA, and such members: 
  1. will have all the voting rights of a financial member of the Association; . 
  1.  Despite anything else contained in the Rules of the Association, all persons eligible for membership must provide the association with; 
  1. ABN Number; 
  1. Certificate of Currency from an insurance provider.    
  1. Members shall be considered financial at the time of receipt of payment for their annual membership fee.
  1. Membership fees shall be payable either in one annual instalment, two half yearly instalments, four quarterly instalments or twelve monthly instalments only. 
  1. There is  joining fee of 10% of the Annual fee upon each subscription   
  1. The Association shall notify all applicants of:
  1. the financial obligations arising from membership; and 
  1. the circumstances, and manner, in which a member may resign. 
  1. The annual subscription fee shall be payable yearly in advance. A member’s subscription shall become due on each anniversary of the date when that member first became a member of the Association.  
  2. Any member may withdraw from the Association by giving fourteen (14) days notice in writing to the Executive Director oftheir intention to do so and upon the expiration of the aforesaid notice period they shall cease to be a member.  Provided however that any person who shall by any means cease to be a member shall nevertheless remain liable for and shall pay to the Association all moneys which at the time of their ceasing to be a member may be due from them to the Association.  
  1. Members who resign before the expiry of their membership fee will not be entitled to a pro rata refund of membership fees paid. 




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