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Posted August 21, 2017

We all know that recycling is the best thing that we can do for the environment and the preservation of the planet for future generations. At home, we recycle just about everything from cardboard boxes to glass bottles and hard plastics. We know what needs to be done to ensure that our garbage is reduced as far as it can be. But what about in salon?


There are some really easy things that salon owners can encourage their staff to do to help reduce waste in salon – from bringing your lunch in reusable containers to having recycle bins in the salon, but there is still the bigger issue of salon waste.


The Hair and Beauty Industry is full of materials that can be recycled but often aren’t. You might be surprised to learn that the Australian hairdressing industry sends over 1,500 tonnes of recyclable aluminium back to landfill each year – the equivalent of 715 cars worth of aluminium. And let’s not talk about plastic bottles, cardboard and packaging materials that we all get our supplies in. Something has to be done – we cannot sit idly by while our industry continues to produce this level of garbage.


HABA are partnering with Waste Free Systems to provide salon owners with a way to repurpose and recycle salon supplies, packaging and even chemicals into usable materials or to be disposed of appropriately. Waste Free Systems know that sustainability means smart business and provide salon owners with the advantages of practising a systemised, smart, waste management strategy, where nature and technology can be combined in an eco-friendly way. Creating a green, waste free zone in your salon not only gives clients another reason to come in but it helps business grow and benefits those in need as well.


Many of the materials, supplies and excess that we use in our industry can be completely recycled, repurposed or reused. Things like paper and cardboard can be put into worm farms or compost; Plastics can be sorted for appropriate recycling and aluminium foil can be recycled into other products like cast ingots. By products of our industry can also be collected – hair can be used in worm farms or flood booms, while chemicals can be treated and either disposed of appropriately and some elements are even returned to the earth.


Waste Free Systems are proud to say that only 1 wheelie bin per 10 salons they deal with goes directly to landfill, minimising the amount buried each year that will not biodegrade. Waste Free Systems are dedicated to raising funds to sponsor the Bravehearts Foundation. Bravehearts are all about keeping children safe and helping to prevent sexual abuse. They run support and education programs in and outside schools. Any funds received by Waste Free Systems from repurposing or recycling, including donations from salons we deal with, are given to provide “The gift of healing” counselling sessions with a specialist counsellor for children affected by child sexual abuse.


Waste Free Systems will provide salon owners with all the tools you need to make a significant difference to the waste coming out of your salon. Unique bins, training and marketing are all provided so that you can get in front of the curve rather than behind it. They currently service metro Brisbane and both the Sunshine and Gold Coast – but they want to come and make a difference to your salon in your city, no matter where in Australia you are located. Show us your support and a sales representative will get in touch with you to discuss how they can best help you create a more sustainable salon. Waste Free Systems are offering a special deal for HABA Members so give Bernie a call on 1300 731 404 or 0408 765 031 and see how you can make a real green change in your salon.

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