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Posted May 20, 2019

We’ve been banging on about Single Touch Payroll now for months, so we hope you get it – this is the biggest change for salon owners since the introduction of compulsory super and you have to be ready.


We believe that our HABA Payroll system is the best way for salon owners to get up to speed with Single Touch Payroll without the stress and worry, and so we want to break it down for you – why should YOU use HABA Payroll to implement Single Touch Payroll?


We deal directly with the ATO

Instead of you having to worry about formatting reports and getting everything under control as you implement Single Touch Payroll, HABA Payroll does it for you. No extra time out of your day, no extra worrying – it’s all done when you work with us.


Designed specifically for salons

There are plenty of payroll systems in the market right now – but none of them have been specifically designed for salons. Not only do we understand how salons work and the challenges that salon owners face when it comes to Payroll, but we have designed HABA Payroll so that its easy for you to use and integrates seamlessly into your salon. Easy!


No calculations

Because HABA Payroll has been specifically designed for salons, you don’t have to manually calculate wage rates against the award. HABA Payroll offers an accurate translation of the Hair and Beauty Award 2010 every time – no matter if your staff are starting on one level and graduating to another, worked part days for public holidays and all the other nitty gritty details of payroll in our industry. With HABA Payroll it’s all managed for you.


Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

We know compliance is the biggest issue facing salon owners right now – it’s one of those issues that just permeates our industry. HABA understand that staying on top of the compliance factors in this industry is challenging – which is why with HABA Payroll we have taken care of everything for you. You have no risk of being fined for not being compliant if you set everything up correctly in the first place – everything will run smoothly from there!


Support the organisation that supports you

HABA is an organisation that is exclusively for salon owners – not for staff, not for suppliers, but for salon owners. We represent you in cases against Fair Work, challenging the claims made by unions and ensuring that salon owners best interests are represented in all conversations around the award and legislation. We want to help you get your payroll converted to Single Touch Payroll with minimum fuss, and so we encourage you to use a system specifically designed for salon owners – HABA Payroll


If you’re ready to switch your business over to HABA Payroll we want to make it as seamless and possible and make sure you stay compliant.

Email the team on to start a conversation today!






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