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Would you trust a doctor with no qualifications?

Posted November 5, 2018


It seems slightly dramatic… but we’re guessing you wouldn’t!
So why should your client spend their hard-earned money being spray-tanned by an unqualified therapist?

At Solaire®, we’re proud to offer high quality accredited spray tan training.
As industry experts, we decided to put together some information on the subject of spray tan training as it is a confusing topic with a lot of misleading information in the industry!

When it comes to investing your time and money into spray tan training it’s important to know the differences between accredited and non-accredited spray tan training.


What is Accredited Training?


Accredited units and qualifications meet specific quality assurance and compliance requirements with the National Training Regulator ASQA. The content covered in these units and courses is current and has been reviewed and approved by beauty industry representatives.

This means that the accredited spray tanning unit covers everything you need to know to start spray tanning – From client consultation to selecting the right product, preparing equipment and service areas hygienically… and ALSO how to actually apply spray tan!

Accredited Training can only be delivered by qualified Trainers and Assessors, typically through a private training organisation or TAFE. Accredited Training may be offered face-to-face in the workplace or classroom or include online components or a combination of the above!

Once you have successfully completed your accredited units or qualifications you will be issued a certificate from the respective institution listing the units you completed which you may be able to use as credits down the track if you choose to study an accredited qualification in the future.

What is Non-accredited Training?


Non-accredited training courses may be offered by any individuals or businesses that could be literally anyone – even your next-door neighbour could start offering spray tan training!

Whilst some people offering non-accredited courses may be great at spray tanning and have years of experience, it doesn’t necessarily translate to them being a great teacher.  Accredited trainers have completed specific training on how to teach people and how to cater to different learning styles and make adjustments where necessary, as well as how to design and deliver high-quality training. Non-accredited trainers aren’t trained to train!

Even though you may be awarded a certificate at the end of your course, it is still non-accredited. This means you will not be eligible for subject credits down the track if you choose to study an accredited qualification in the future. It also means you are not qualified!

Often it’s hard to tell whether a course is accredited or non-accredited. So be mindful of this when researching courses. If you’re unsure if you’ve signed up for an accredited or non-accredited course make sure you ask the provider you’re dealing with. As it an offence for training providers to imply they are offering accredited training options when it’s actually non-accredited. If you have any concerns about your training provider contact the National Training Regulator ASQA on 1300 701 801.

How do I know if my staff have completed the spray tan specific unit?

Simply ask your staff member to provide a copy of their certificate including the record of results. It will list the units they completed. An accredited certificate must list the name of the student and qualification as well as the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) and Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) logo.

Just like doctors, builders and lawyers, beauty salons need insurance to protect their clients as well as themselves from personal injury and property damage. Unqualified employees may not qualify for insurance protection – putting the salon, the technician and the clients at risk. Given the recent focus in the media on unsafe beauty practices, it’s important for salons to realise that non-accredited therapists may actually be a liability to your salon. Spray tanning is only safe when performed by trained industry professionals.

At Solaire® we take pride in being one of the only spray tan manufacturers that also offers accredited training. We literally know everything there is know about spray tanning – from how to make it to how to spray it! So why not be trained by the best?
Accreditation is also important to boost the industry and the spray tan technician’s professionalism and credibility. Give yourself and your business the edge by completing accredited spray tanning training.

Imagine spending a whole day in a small group face to face with the Spray Tan Queen herself – Andrea Taylor – learning all there is to know about spray tanning?!

 What sets us apart is that we genuinely care about our students and our relationships come to an end when the training finishes. We’re always there to support our Accredited Sprayers and we’re only a phone call away.

Click here to learn more about our Accredited Training Courses!



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